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About Me

I am a digital specialist, working with clients to transition from their current situation (usually bandaid solutions) to what they need for the future, with a focus on usability, scalability and automation.

After two decades of developing numerous websites, integrations and audiences for a range of local and international clients, I combine full-stack development skills with extensive digital marketing and engagement experience, allowing me to solve complex digital problems and create industry-leading multi-channel digital experiences.

Whether you’re looking for a team player to work with your current team or looking to create a new team, I can work with you to devise an overall digital strategy that can be executed efficiently and cost-effectively.

In my personal life I have an amazing and supportive young family, I like to read extensively, travel near and far, plus I have been on the committee at Mosman Rugby Club for numerous years.


17years of experience
1,000'sof projects completed
1,000,000'sof digital engagements


/What I do

With a background as a full-stack developer, I can work on every layer of your digital project, ranging from the server and network architecture,  through to the database and software development including, API integrations. I also focus on understanding the business requirements and user experience before starting any project. Whilst I have mastered some aspects of the stack, I have a high level of familiarity across all aspects and can make sure that I can work with those around me to get the desired results.


I have developed everything from simple one-page lead generation websites through to multi-page professional websites, bespoke invoice and billing systems through to customer relationship management and survey panels.


I have created and run numerous digital engagement campaigns, that run across multiple channels, focusing on audience growth, reactivation, clients research and establishing an ongoing communication routine.


I love the saying that a half-hour meeting can save months of work. I have spent years planning and strategising digital projects, navigating roadblocks, and getting stakeholder alignment, whilst working towards an overall goal.

Email Marketing

Having worked with a range of clients, based in different markets around the world, I have developed industry-leading skills to create EDM lists and engaging content for clients, with a focus on compliance (GDPR, double opt-in), onboarding automation and improving tracking metrics like opens and clicks.


I have worked with numerous companies to create audiences via digital channels. I can also help to amplify your existing customers by creating look-alike audiences. I aim to use a range of channels and retargeting to help a brand grow market share and lower the cost per lead/acquisition in the process.


If you’re collecting data, you want it to be current, easy to access and interpret to get the full value of the data your collecting. I can pull data together from multiple sources, transform and clean the data in real-time, before sharing results on a single dashboard.


/Latest projects


/What I have done

Oct 2015 - Present

CoreData Group

Head of Digital

Based in Sydney, I am responsible for design and implementation of digital strategies for the CoreData Group of companies, including the creation and operation of digital tools and applications (e.g. database management, research collection, marketing, websites, blogs and social media).

MyNext Pty Ltd


Director of a full service web agency, handling everything from website design and development, through to marketing and lead generation campaigns, using industry leading techniques for a range of clients and industries.

Mar 2006 - PRESENT
Mar 2014 - Oct 2015

Teradata Interactive

Lead Developer

Based in London, I was responsible for creating assets and campaigns that integrated into the Teradata platform, which is used by enterprise clients for personalised content engagement and data storage. During my time at Teradata, I worked with a range of leading brands across Europe and developed campaigns in multiple languages.

Blink Digital

Senior Web Developer

My role included designing and developing SEO optimised websites for one of Sydney’s leading SEO agencies. I specialised in writing custom code and WordPress theme modifications that allowed us to meet every client’s website expectations. I completed hundreds of projects for clients from a range of industries. I also built many internal tools that help increase efficiency for other staff when working on a websites SEO.

Jun 2011 - Nov 2013
Jan 2009 - May 2011

Redback Conferencing

IT Support / Customer Service

My role included customer phone support, trouble shooting, internal support and building custom branded web conference portals. I specialised in running large webinars and was on hand for any technical problems, both with our server and for customers with difficulty connecting.

BigAir Group

Retail Account Manager

I was responsible for their iBurst wireless internet product, being sold nationwide through Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and other leading retailers. I handled the relationships with every level, dealing internally with technical support and provisioning through to external head offices for product line submissions and steering committees through to the point of sale training and merchandising in store.

Jun 2004 - Dec 2008


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Sydney, Australia
A new challenge
0432 287 341

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